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Your Club is Invited to our Spring Spectacular!

Are you a parent? Please contact your Club! Registration is done at the Club level. 

When: April 30, 2022 

Where: Altadore Gymnastic Club

What: A fun meet for InterClub athletes from in & around the Calgary area

Registration deadline: April 15, 2022 (This will sell-out!)

Final Schedule:

Beginner/Advanced: 3:45-5:15
Intermediate: 5:15-7:15

Event Contact: Brie Banks:

All athletes will receive positive feedback on their skills, a certificate, and swag!


Fun awards will be given throughout the day, including:

- Contagious Energy Award
- Fantastic Footwork Award
- Best Floor Music Award

- Perfectly Pointed Toes Award

- Groove is in the Heart Award

- Team Spirit Award

-And MORE!

Registration Information (for CLUBS only)

Entry Fees = $60/athlete


(CanGym System)
Beginner: Burgundy to Bronze Badge
Intermediate: Purple to Turquoise Badge
Advanced: Silver Badge and up.

Registration Form:

Registration Form must accompany:

-payment via EMT (by the CLUB, not by parents)

-spreadsheet list (excel or Google sheets - not a pdf) of athlete's first & last name and level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)
Registration is not valid until payment is made. 
Spots are first come, first served.

Gymnasts will perform on all Olympic Events. Athletes can perform skills individually or in a routine.

  • Vault or stacked mats (1 vault performed)

  • Uneven Bars

  • Beam (must be under 1 minute)

  • Floor (must be under 90 seconds)

If music is being used, it must be ready and cued on a cell phone. We will NOT allow music to be searched for prior to an athlete performance.


Adjustable regulation vault and any height of mats available upon request.

Any level of beat boards as well as a mini tramp. 

Other mats and beat boards will be available upon request.

A high, medium and low beam as well as an 8 inch mat will be available.

Beam extenders and other mats available upon request.

Regulation spring floor. Mats, cheese mats and boxes will be available. 

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