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Monthly Family Fundraisers

January 2022

Boxes of 33 beautiful All Occasion or Birthday Cards - for $33!

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Orders due: Jan 30 at 11pm

Pick up: Mid February - and email will be sent to everyone that orders when we have a timeline.

Profit is $11/box.
Families will receive 60% of the profit ($6.60) as credit in their accounts after delivery.

Everyone that places an order will get pick up information. So if you want to deliver to your friends and family, please place one order for everyone. 
Share our Facebook post to your profile! When you share it, please specify whether your friends can place their own order or if you want them to order through you. There is a space on the order form for the name of the athlete they are supporting, so credit will get tracked regardless.

Ongoing Gym Fundraisers
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