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Our next Coach-in-Training (CIT) course runs Saturdays at 2-4pm from April 6 to June 15, 2024 (attendance is required at all classes - no class on May 18).

Our CIT Program was professionally developed by Recreational Gymnastics
Professionals. All participants who complete the program will earn a certificate of completion.

Please note - completion of CIT does not guarantee employment with
Altadore Gymnastic Club. Our hiring needs vary from season to season. Any participants at the end of the program who are interested in working at AGC can come for an interview (plus, we think it is good practice!).

Participants can expect:
● To have an interactive experience in learning leadership & coaching skills using a combination of fun hands-on practice, role playing and reflection with more traditional classroom learning techniques.
● To develop a strong & encouraging CIT participant team
● That your instructor and Altadore Gymnastic Club holds participant safety, learning & leadership growth as the highest priorities.
● To learn more about Altadore Gymnastic Club’s expectations for coaching staff – to better prepare participants for potential employment at our club or elsewhere.
● To have fun & make new friends!

The CIT Course costs $150. If the child is a current athlete at AGC, they will receive 50% off!


What is the focus of the CIT Program?

Our main focus of the camp, above all else, is to help you develop your skills as a leader – setting you up for success as a coach or whatever leadership role you may take on in the future. 


What topics are covered?

We explore topics like safety, respect & professionalism, teaching styles, coaching strategies, working with children, leading games and a little bit of basic gymnastics skill spotting techniques. The course is designed to be interactive, so active participation is expected! There is also a volunteer component to practice the skills we learn about during the program.  


How old do I have to be?

This course is designed for young leaders who are 12-15 years of age.


Do I need gymnastics experience?

Knowing a little bit about gymnastics, dance, cheerleading or other sport is helpful, but not required. Our best coaches here have 3 things in common: a love for working with kids, a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the work they do.  We can teach the gymnastics part. However, we will spend a lot of time talking about how to lead children... so, if you don’t like kids, this program isn’t for you!


I want to be a coach at Altadore. Will this course guarantee me a job?

No, but it helps! Our hiring needs vary from season to season. At the end of the CIT program, all participants are welcome to come for an interview, however it is important for us to be clear that completion of the course does not guarantee employment with Altadore Gymnastic Club.

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