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We are excited to be bringing MAG back to AGC! Just in time for our 55th Anniversary.
MAG has been a very important part of our History.
Ed Vincent, who started our Men's program back in 1972, is the namesake of our annual gymnastics competition, and still trains twice a week - at the age of 84!
Kyle Shewfelt was an AGC athlete from the age of 6. He was still with AGC when he competed at the 2000 Olympic Games and won Gold at the 2004 Olympic Games.

Now, in 2022 - we have another Olympian (two-time Olympian) joining us. Nathan Gafuik trained his entire career in Calgary and is excited to rebuild the MAG program at Altadore.

Interested in MAG? Email Nathan or the gym to set up an assessment.

Registration/info link for current families:

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