CanJump & Specialty

Trampoline & Tumbling, Freestyle, Teen & more
Ages 6 & up

T&T Recreational Classes

Our co-ed trampoline and tumbling classes follow the recreational CanJump program that is designed to teach trampoline and tumbling to children in a fun, friendly safe environment. Children will learn the three disciplines of T&T; trampoline, double-mini and tumbling.

Advanced class (NEW!) is T&T Level 4 - for athletes who are flipping or ready for flips!

Specialty Classes
Our specialty classes include Teen Classes, Freestyle (like Parkour + Gymnastics) and More!


Continuous Programming

NEW! We do continuous monthly programming. Classes will continue all year, and you will be automatically billed on the 1st of each month. Don't want to continue? No problem! email by the 27th to withdraw.Athletes will be moved up to the next level when they need to, and formal assessments will be done in November, February, June and August. 

Please note - as per AHS, Spectators are not currently allowed. You will not be able to watch your children at this time.

Class Listings