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Introducing the AGC InterClub Team!

If your daughter is passionate about gymnastics, would love to be in the gym multiple times per week, and is eager to work hard to learn new skills, AGC's Interclub Team may be the right place for them!

InterClub is a recreational program for athletes who want more of a challenge without the commitment of a competitive program.

The InterClub Team trains twice per week from September until the end of June. This program offers optional summer training for the athletes. 


InterClub athletes can attend 'Fun Meets' throughout the year; athletes will be given the opportunity to showcase their routines and, at the end of the meet, are given fun awards. 


InterClub is FULL for the 2023-2024 Season. 

Interested in InterClub for the 2024-2025 season? Fill out the waitlist form to be notified when spots open or try-outs are scheduled.

Email: for more information.

InterClub Handbook: LINK

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