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Welcome to Altadore Gymnastic Club – where fitness meets family fun! Our Parent and Child Gym Classes kick off at just 10 months old, promoting early development and lasting bonds.


Why Choose Altadore Gymnastic Club?

  1. Strengthen Bonds: Team up with your little one for shared achievements, smiles, and support.

  2. Developmental Boost: Enhance motor skills, balance, and coordination for your child, while you enjoy a celebrating their achievements with them.

  3. Social Connections: Connect with like-minded parents, share tips, and form lasting friendships as your children play and learn together.

  4. Safety Assured: Our child-friendly facility and trained instructors ensure a secure environment for both parents and children.

  5. Serious Fun: From music and tumbling to gymnastics skills, our classes guarantee laughter, learning, and a healthy dose of endorphins.

Start your parent-child fitness adventure with us – create active, joyful memories today!


Parent & BabySquirrel

Ages: 10 - 17mo   45 min class

Introduce your baby to the world of movement and exploration with our specially designed gymnastics class for infants aged 10 to 17 months. Led by certified instructors, our program focuses on gentle exercises and sensory activities to promote physical and cognitive development in a safe and nurturing environment. Join us for a fun-filled session where your baby can tumble, crawl, and explore with joy!

Parent & Squirrel

Ages: 18mo - 3 yrs   55 min class

Designed for toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years, it's a lively session where you and your little one can explore movement in a supportive environment. Our instructors not only teach children valuable skills but also guide parents/caregivers on how to provide the best assistance. While helping their little ones learn and explore new things, parents/caregivers also get a chance to participate in a mini workout of their own. Enjoy fun activities that promote coordination and socialization!

Parent & KinderSquirrel

Ages: 3&4 yrs   55 min class

New for
Fall 2024

A transitional class for 3 & 4 year olds who are learning to go to class independently. While parents are welcome 'as needed', our focus is on nurturing healthy autonomy as children grow. Throughout the class, students build self-confidence, body awareness, strength, and agility in a safe environment. Led by enthusiastic instructors, children engage in fun and challenging activities designed to foster their independence. 

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