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KinderSquirrels & SuperSquirrels

Ages: 3-5yrs   55 min class
These Classes are UNPARENTED. Parents are not allowed on the gym floor.

KinderSquirrels is a fun introduction to the Sport of Gymnastics.

Our little athletes will experience many areas of the gym and lots of equipment, including Bars, Beam, Floor, and the AirTrak.  These classes are co-ed & Children will work on skills in the gym to get them prepared for the leveled recreation program.

SuperSquirrels is just for 5 year olds. This is the next step for our little athletes. These classes are co-ed & Children will work on skills in the gym and start preparing for the badge system that they can start when they are 6.

Mini Parkour This program is for both boys and girls ages ranging between 4.5 - 6. This class is for the athlete who wants to flip, roll, and climb around like a Parkour-style gymnast. In class athletes learn agility, speed, balance, and coordination while running and maneuvering though a variety of obstacle courses and station setups. Learn the fundamentals of parkour including vaults, rolls, strides, precisions, and more! 

KinderSquirrels: Amenities

Continuous Programming

We do continuous monthly programming starting in September. Classes will continue all year, and you will be automatically billed on the 1st of each month. Don't want to continue? No problem! email by the 27th to withdraw. 

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Sept 2022
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