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Thank you for booking your child’s birthday party at Altadore Gymnastic Club! 


Party Format 

  • Parties include 1 hour of instructed gymnastics by a certified Altadore coach. There is a maximum of 16 children per party. If you would like to arrange a larger party, please email

  • Gym time starts at the party time. Make sure all children are ready to participate right at the party start time.

  • Instruction in the gym will include various gymnastics apparatus including but not limited to: the trampoline, balance beams, tumbling floor, bars, bounce house, rings, pommel horse, vault and the foam pit.

  • After the hour in the gym you will then proceed to the party room for one hour of time designated for cake, presents, and other party activities. This time is supervised by the parent(s) of the birthday child.  Please note – the Birthday room is NOT available before the scheduled party time begins. Parents can decorate the room 15 minutes before the children are done in the gym, not before. 


What We Provide 

  • Certified Coaches - 1 coach for every 8-12 children. 

  • Party Room with table, chairs, and access to fridge, freezer, and microwave. 


What You Provide 

  • Please direct all guests to THIS INVITE - which has the link to the registration form and waiver that we need filled out by anyone going on the gym floor. (EVERY CHILD AND ADULT OF CHILDREN 3 & UNDER NEED A WAIVER FILLED OUT.)

  • A guest list with all the participant’s names on the date of the party. This is so we can make sure each participant has done the registration form and waiver. Please ensure the list is emailed at least two days before the party.

  • 16 children is the maximum and additional children will not be allowed into the gym unless arrangements have been made prior to the party date.

  • The party accessories such as food, cake, dishes, utensils, decorations, and candles & lighter are NOT provided by AGC. 

  • We allow for party decorations in the party room such as table cloths, balloons, birthday signs, etc. We do request that they be kept to a reasonable amount as it takes longer to set up and take down which can interfere with party transition periods.

  • Please note – the party room is not available for decorating until 15 minutes before the children are done in the gym.  A previous party may be using the room before your party gets it.


Helpful Hints for Parents 

  • Appropriate gym attire; shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirt, even a bodysuit. No dresses, tights, or jewelry and long hair must be tied back. We also highly recommend bare feet while in the gym on the equipment. 

  • A guest list will need to be provided by the date of the party. Any children NOT on the guest list will not be allowed admittance to the gym with absolutely no exceptions. 

  • Parents are not permitted in the gymnastics area unless directly supervising a child aged under 3 years old. Children 3 & under MUST have a parent with them on the floor, and that parent must also sign a waiver. We ask for these parents to please be ready and willing to participate. Parents are not permitted on the gymnastics equipment at any time. Parents of children 4 years and up are asked to watch from the viewing area.

  • All cameras must have the flash turned off due to safety reasons. 


After the party 

  • Please give the counters, tables, chairs, microwave (if used) a wipe down and sweep the floor.

  • Please leave the party room as you found it. Cleaning supplies will be available to ensure proper clean-up. An additional $30 cleaning fee will be charged if the room is left unclean.

  • Room must be empty at the scheduled time. If you are late leaving the room, you will be charged an additional $30.


Refund Policy 

  • If a party is cancelled 2 weeks or more before the booked date it will be refunded. If a party is cancelled within 2 weeks of the booked date no refund will be given. Please ensure you are sure of your date before you book!

Payment Process

  • We require the party be paid in full at the time of booking.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call the gym at (403) 720-2711 

Have a great party!