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CAlgary Gymnastics for preschoolers


Parented and Non-Parented Classes
10mo - 5 years

Our Preschool (Active Start) program is designed for children under the age of 6. Altadore’s Preschool program is a FUN introduction to a structured gymnastics class that involves basic movement skills for children who are walking independently.

Preschool: Services

Parent & BabySquirrel

Ages: 10mo - 17mo

Parent & Squirrel

Ages: 18mo - 3 yrs

This class is a participation class, which encourages parent and child interaction in a safe gymnastics environment. Children will learn motor skill development through play, games and creative movement.


Ages: 3-5yrs


Ages: 5yrs

This is a fun introduction to the Sport of Gymnastics. Our little athletes will experience many areas of the gym and lots of equipment, including bars, beam, floor, and the trampoline. Children will work on skills in the gym to get them prepared for the leveled recreation program.

Preschool: Amenities
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